Vancouver based rock band Haven Chills have premiered their brand new music video for Come Alive with Rushonrock.

The song is all about defiance. It’s a feel good song that celebrates all those silly little things that make existing a bloody joy. Life can grind people down at times, but Haven Chills are trying to embrace the small wins that make things good.

“This back to basics rock song depicts a narrative of defiance with grungy loud-quiet riffs that stare down the face of hard times and rejoice in the absurdity of being alive,” said the band’s Dan Potter.

Rock music can be an excellent release. A chance to let your hair down. A chance to forget. A chance to envelope yourself in something a bit more visceral than your day to day existence.

Come Alive is a song for the underdog meant to inspire the begotten ones in society, those who like everyone from time to time, need a good helping of distorted guitars to drown out the malaise,”continued Potter.

“Overall, just as the refrain goes ‘come alive with the sound of new freedom’ this song speaks of inner transformation and seeing reasons to celebrate being alive even if you feel like you’re down and out for the count.”

Haven Chills want to take whoever watches the music video to a different realm, a different place.

And that’s why they’ve gone for a crazy mishmash of colours and graphics. Potter explains: “The video was a lot of fun to make. I went for a crazy colourful graphics approach to add a surrealistic element to the song and narrowed down the imagery to just myself performing it for focused eccentricity.

“Using this morphing backdrop of dazzling shapes and textures I hope the viewer is transported to a realm of quirky artfulness that does this playful song justice.”