The Irontown Diehards might boast one of the best band names on the planet – but the Belfast quartet are ready to add substance to their style on the back of brand new single Ride.

Ride is simply about this,” said frontman Phil Dixon. “Get off your ass and grab the world by the balls. 

“Wake up and take a look around you. Don’t become some drone and have others dictate how, or what, your life should be. 

“You get one go round this world, so get off your knees and live your life.”

Ride is released on June 28 but The Irontown Diehards have already released a cracking video clip to support the new tune.

The band formed in 2016 and their bullish self-titled debut hinted at the Ulster combo’s huge potential.

Follow-up Linchpin – featuring Ride – is set for release on September 6.