Crestfallen Queen have released the music video to their new single Queen of Swords, out via Church Within Records.

The band come from Stuttgart but could have very well been born anywhere in the dark hazy fog of the 70s.

Crestfallen Queen was formed in 2016 playing their brand of progressive blackened rock. The doom laden riffs are backed by galloping metallic rhythms and hounded by eerie synths, which are then topped off by a majestic voice that lurks somewhere between this world and the next.

Following the release of their completely analogue recorded, produced and quickly sold-out demo cassette No More Let Life Divide What Death Can Join Together (released February 2018) the debut album Queen of Swords presents the detail-loving and unconventional soul of Crestfallen Queen in full length.

Queen of Swords is full of passion and devotion, which is impressively underlined by the hand-drawn cover artwork of the Peruvian artist Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal.

Inspired by ancient philosophy and mythology, the epic work tells the long forgotten stories of fallen heroines and their struggle with loss, fears, drugs, human abysses, self-empowerment, love, life and death.

With Queen of Swords history mutates into herstory and reveals frightening parallels to the realities of life of our time.

Crestfallen Queen are not to be taken light heartedly. The unconventional length of the songs speak for themselves where the music is challenging and stirring, a lot like life itself.

Anyone who has seen the band live can feel the frankness of this statement.