Covers albums come and go but Emil Bulls frontman Christoph von Freydorf is convinced his band’s take on their 80s and 90s favourites – and a few modern hits – will stand the test of time.

Mixtape is released via AFM on May 24 and features metallic versions of rock and pop classics spanning the decades.

And von Freydorf said: “Between working on our albums we still have to blow off in other ways to dissipate our excess energy.

“So we decided to cover the songs to that we listened when we were young, in the 80s and 90s and which inspired us to make music by ourselves. 

“On the other hand, we did not just want to confine ourselves to the most formative songs of our musical socialisation. We wanted to sprinkle in modern bands and artists.”

After their last studio album, Kill Your Demons and two sold-out tours, von Freydorf (vocals, guitar), James Richardson (bass), Stephan Karl ‘Moik’ (guitar), Andy Bock (guitar) and Fabian Feet (drums) didn’t rest on their laurels. 

Three hundred songs were whittled down to just 14 with a variety of artists given an Emil Bulls makeover.

Eminem, Bruno Mars, Billie Eilish, Billy Idol, Pixies, Placebo and Starship all feature on Mixtape. 

And von Freydorf added: “In the past, I always recorded mixtapes for long car trips. I like a colourful mix of all conceivable styles and artists. 

“It was this variety that we wanted to showcase on this album. It was about translating other artists’ musical language into our own. The biggest challenge was creating something unique without losing the original song’s special character.

“It was an extremely instructive experience. Although it was hard work, we got a kick out of doing this. We figured out a lot about other artists’ songwriting and tried many things we’ve never done before.”

Mixtape’s first single was a tribute to the RnB superstars Destiny’s Child and their cover of 2001’s Survivor.

“The lyrics are about always trying to cut one´s own path and never surrender,” added von Freydorf. “To my mind the statement fits perfectly with us as a band that survived almost 25 years in the rough shark pool called music business. 

“We are incredibly grateful that our fans have been loyal to us for such a long time. With Mixtape we´re laying on another unexpected soundtrack for our common journey and inviting everyone to join us again.”