This month’s Record Store Day releases have been revealed and if 2019 is less about the casual punter and more about the minted collector – a worrying trend that looks set to continue – then we still appreciate the sentiment behind supporting your local indie stores. And just in case you win the lottery this weekend we’ve handpicked the Top 10 rock and metal titles jostling for position in your vinyl collection…

Artist: Cheap Trick

Title: The Epic Archives Vol 3 (1984-1992)

Format: LP 2xFlame Red Vinyl

Limited to: 750

Price: £51.99

Why: As Cheap Trick proved on their pre-Christmas jaunt with Def Leppard, they remain staples of the classic rock scene and this collection wraps up their commercial peak. And of course it includes The Flame.

Artist: Green Day

Title: Woodstock 1994

Format: LP 140g Black Vinyl

Limited to: 1,000

Price: £17.99

Why: For starters, it’s a fairly modest price compared to many of the eye-watering picks here and it’s Green Day as raw and riotous as they’ve ever been. 25 years ago? That can’t be right…

Artist: Motörhead

Title: Overkill/Bomber

Format: 2×7” 40thAnniversary Pic Disc

Limited to: 1,000

Price: £23.99

Why: Everyone loves a party. And there’s nothing more manic than a Motörhead party. Celebrate the 40thbirthday of two belting tracks in style.

Artist: Thunder

Title: Please Remain Seated – The Others

Format: LP Clear Vinyl

Limited to: 500

Price: £23.99

Why: These are the seven tracks that failed to make the band’s original set of reworked favourites – a collection that underpinned this year’s unforgettable acoustic-led tour. And you can’t beat a clear vinyl.

Artist: Rush

Title: Hemispheres

Format: LP Picture Disc

Limited to: 1,010

Price: TBC

Why: Although we’re a little concerned by the ‘TBC’ price point (expect upwards of £25) if your original copy is wearing thin then this looks like to go-to upgrade. A classic album from a peerless trio.

Artist: Venom

Title: Manitou

Format: Reproduction Shaped Pic Disc

Limited to: 300

Price: £23.99

Why: Well there are only 300. Bag one of these beauties and there’ll be a queue around the block as black metal devotees bang down your door offering big bucks, eye make-up tips and, probably, their own blood.

Artist: Pink Floyd

Title: Saucerful Of Secrets

Format: LP 180g Mono Mix

Limited to: 3,000

Price: £21.99

Why: Good value is increasingly hard to come by on Record Store Day but at a penny under 22 quid this mono mix of typically flamboyant Floyd looks like a relative steal. They clearly think so – 3,000 copies is hardly a limited run.

Artist: Def Leppard

Title: The Story So Far – Volume Two

Format: LP 2xBlack Vinyl

Limited to: 1,150

Price: £29.99

Why: If you’re a massive Leppard fan and felt a little cheated by the lack of diversity on the vinyl version of Volume One then this comprehensive set completes the circle. Hewn from disc two of the CD edition it might even include the classic Nine Lives featuring Tim McGraw.

Artist: Europe 

Title: Walk The Earth

Format: 7” Double A Side Transparent Vinyl

Limited to: 1,280

Price: £29.99

Why: If you’ve got the cash, then why not? But seriously? Nearly 30 quid for two songs! We love Europe and Walk The Earth is a cracking track. But the furthest we’ll be walking is to the bargain bin a few months after the Record Store Day hype has died down.

Artist: Halestorm

Title: Buzz/Chemicals

Format: 7” Aqueous Clear Green Vinyl

Limited to: 300

Price: £17.99

Why: It’s almost half the price of the Europe single. And we can count the number of aqueous clear (can you have aqueous and clear?) vinyls in the Rushonrock Wurlitzer on one finger.