Italian orchestral-death giants Fleshgod Apocalypse have revealed their new lyric video for single Carnivorous Lamb, taken from forthcoming LP Veleno.

The track is a hard-hitting diatribe against fake people, opportunists and those who are quick to judge.

Talking about it all, Francesco Paoli said: “How’s the saying? Never judge a book by its cover? Well, that’s the point of this song.

“We are constantly surrounded by fake people and opportunists, we can’t stand it anymore.”

Paoli his strongly worded attack against those sections of society that may lack in emotional maturity, and warned that even a harmless looking lamb may become fierce under provocation.

“We can’t stand the hypocrisy and unending lament of these assholes. It’s a strategy. Even the most adorable and inoffensive lamb can become the fiercest of the wolves when something menaces its interests.”

Veleno, Italian for venom, is Fleshgod Apocalypse’s first release in three years – and the entire production period lasted three months.

Talking about their efforts, Paoli said: “Today is the day. A first taste of our new album, Veleno, is finally available for you all. No words can describe how excited we are and how long we waited for this moment.

Fleshgod Apocalypse have put three years of their life into making this new record. Three years of emotional toil, challengers and hard work. This is the result.

“What you see is the harvest of three years of sweat, revolutions, intense emotions and extreme challenges. We proved ourselves to be stronger than ever, despising compromises, setting the bar higher no matter what,” continued Paoli.

“The album is massive to say the least. Every song is a unique piece, literally alive and breathing. Can’t wait for you guys to hear the rest.”

The metal part of Veleno was recorded in Rome, Italy at Bloom Recording Studio and Kick Studio with long-standing collaborator Marco Mastrobuono, while the orchestral part’- the ensembles – were tracked at Musica Teclas Studio in Perugia. 

Fleshgod Apocalypse then took the effort over to Grammy-nominated Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, The Black Dahlia Murder, Epica)V at Hansen Studios in Denmark for mixing and mastering.