Johnny Hunter have released their new track Ashamed, which is accompanied by a video shop in the upstairs bathroom of Sydney’s iconic The Lansdowne with 30 of their mates.

The punk band will also be touring in support of the single at dates across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Starting in Sydney, Johnny Hunter will then treat and delight fans in Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Manly, Wollongong and Camden.

Talking about Ashamed, the band said that the song was a ‘shamelessly hypocritical take on self-loathing and dysphoric hometown blues.’

The track is all about ‘taking aim at the ladder climbers, moneybags and relentless dilettantes that are the life blood of local music and who taught us everything we know.’

If you’ve ever tried to go on a night out in Sydney you’ll know that the lock out and alcohol laws are notoriously difficult to navigate and if you’re not careful it can end up with you on a street corner, the night out, all dressed up and with nowhere to go.

Like the rest of us mere mortals, Johnny Hunter have also experienced this phenomenon and like us mere mortals, they’re not happy.

Ashamed, they continued, ‘is the band’s admission of guilt, as well as a barking indictment of all those around them; a top-down testimony of Sydney’s slow decay.’

Their city used to inspire creative, and now Melbourne holds sway among those who have a calling in the arts. This is something the group recognise all too well.

“This city that once seemed to inspired the creative endeavours of so many is now better known for testing artist’s mettle with political curveballs and erratic legislation that rarely make sense to anyone affected.”

After releasing the excellent 1995, Cult Classic and One Of A Kind, Johnny Hunter are back and building on their rapidly growing reputation for theatrical punk excellence.