Littlehampton punk trio Gloo have released their new single Stop and Stare with an accompanying music video.

Stop and Stare is a song about always been watched. About the prevalence of social media and how we’re always visible, all the time. It’s also the first release since A Pathetic Youth, so it’s an important song to get right.

You can watch the video by clicking on the play button in the image above, or watch it in the article through the embed below.

Talking about the single, drummer Mark Harfield explained: “I see it as a nod to all things social media and not being able to do anything without someone watching.

“This was the first track we wrote after finishing our last release A Pathetic Youth, and we were so happy that we were able to still crack out bangers that we love playing live!”

Gloo is a punk band in the truest sense of the genre. Everything they do is relentlessly DIY – and even the music video for Stop and Stare was filmed on an iPhone.

Talking about that spirit, Harfield continued: “We do a lot of our stuff ourselves from demoing, artwork, merch to videos and releases.”

Taking control of their own output and band merch is important for the band – who make a real statement about it. “It’s amazing to have creative control,” continued the drummer, “and also well fun pissing around making videos and printing merch.

“We’re also just not into the fads that seem to swallow bands whole. You won’t see the dad cap and your uncles Ellesse potato sack fit jumper on us anytime soon. We quite literally are just doing us which if you like is great, and if that ain’t for you then that’s great too!”

And if that attitude sounds like something you like, catch them live at the following dates:

23rd Feb – The Crown, Littlehampton
2nd Mar – Fighting Cocks, Kingston
23rd Mar – Bar 42, Worthing
13th Apr – Lighthouse, Dover
20th Apr – Pangalactic Festival, Worthing
7th Jun – The Crown, Littlehampton
29th Jun – Petchfest, Dover