Press Club – Late Teens (Hassle Records)

Australia’s finest new punk outfit Press Club have developed quickly on their debut Late Teens.

And thanks to Hassle Records, the Melbourne locals will be transporting their fuzzy, hooky, emo style punk across the pond.

Loads of radio play in Australia and some UK magazine coverage have paved the way for this whirlwind act to take to the stars, while Press Club have done the hard yards around the city they call home and Late Teens is definitely a record made by folks who are comfortable with what they are.

This album was made in six weeks at bassist Iain MacRae’s in a process that took 40 songs and turned them into an album of 11.

And one of the catchiest, danciest, singalonist is Suburbia – a two minute shock jock of a tune that sees Natalie Foster ‘s raw, stripped back vocals come into a world of their own.

Wrecking ball

And while Suburbia is a calmer summer tune, Headwreck packs all the fury, power and anger of a person coming out of a bad relationship into just over two minutes of buzzing guitar and Foster barely pausing for breath. The song was also recorded live and just in one take, which only adds to its frantic energy.

There’s a lot to be said for this new punk movement, and if IDLES are sticking truer to their forefather’s roots by making strong political statements in their music, Press Club are doing their work on the musical side.

Every song is as snappy and addictive as the one before and the band maintain their incredible energy throughout the whole record. There’s a reason why they’re on their way to conquering Down Under and why they’re on their way to do the same at Blighty.

Forget growing pains, the only pain you’ll experience from Late Teens is if you miss the chance to see it performed live.