Little Hurricane – Same Sun Same Moon (Mascot Label Group)

Genre – Alternative rock / Blues rock

Same Sun Same Moon sees San Diego’s Little Hurricane release their third album, and it’s another step up for the eclectic duo that formed in 2010.

Much like fellow male / female duo The White Stripes, Little Hurricane pack much more punch than their paltry line up suggests, but Celeste ‘CC’ Spina’s thundering, razor sharp drumming is a cut above that of her compatriot Meg White, making them a much more rounded duo than the 90s / noughties sensation.

Unlike the married White Stripes, Tone and CC met through an unlikely Craigslist ad, before going on to spend the next seven years touring the world and producing brilliantly, dirty blues rock.

These dirty blues sounds ooze out of the opening, title track, with continuous, unbroken vocals flowing so effortlessly that he barely takes time to draws breath. Tone’s smooth vocals are backed with CC’s controlled drumming that dictates the tempo and marshals them to a gripping opener.

Little Hurricane waste no time upping their game with the second track on the album, Bad Business, giving them the opportunity to show off their talent and class. Bad Business is not dirty blues, its filthy blues rock at its finest, with Tone’s wickedly thick licks marrying themselves with CC’s thunderous drumming and his southern, sleazy vocals to create a mesmeric rock song.

Although Little Hurricane has their roots firmly set in blues rock, it’s their alternative influences that make them such an interesting band. This is summed up in the radio friendly OTL, where their softer side comes into play with a range of percussion sounds and contrasting duel vocals, overlaying a steady pop beat.

The slower vibe continues with Lake Tahoe Eyes, where CC’s slow, deep, pounding rhythm orchestrates things from the back, while Tone’s low, droning vocals paint the picture with clever wordplay, before they go full circle with the bluesy Mt. Senorita.

Mt. Senorita has all you want in a bluesy alternative rock song – slide guitar, a deep drum beat, intricate percussion and heartfelt lyrics. Comparing Little Hurricane to The Whites Stripes may seem like an obvious comparison based on the line up, but Tone’s vocal and sonic similarities are uncanny to Jack White’s, and Mt. Senorita shows that more clearly than ever.

Having recently signed to Mascot Label Group, Little Hurricane now have much greater scope for recognition than their independent formative years allowed, and Same Sun Same Moon does them no harm at all. With so many intriguing nuances and unusual sounds on show, this is the kind of album where you’ll hear something new with each listen, and with each listen, it will continue to improve.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 9/10 Slick and smooth, with a deliciously dirty underbelly!