Beans On Toast, the fun loving drunk folk troubadour is ready to hit the road with fellow Xtra Mile stars Skinny Lister, and has just announced the release of his new album, Cushty. RUSHONROCK’s Adam Keys caught up with Jay for an exclusive interview, to discuss the tour, the album and his take on the world.

RUSHONROCK – Hi Jay, thanks for joining us. You’ve had a busy summer playing festivals all over; could you tell us a bit about that?

Beans On Toast – I have indeed; I think I clocked in at around 30 this year which is great. The wonder of a festival doesn’t seem to tire for me. I’ve played at so many different festivals in so many different places and all of them seem to make more sense than a lot of the things I see going on in the world around me. Like shopping centres for example. Give me a festival any day.

RUSHONROCK – The new album has just been finished. Could you tell us what we can expect this time round?

Beans On Toast – I sure can. This year’s album is called Cushty. it’s out 1st December on Xtra Mile Recordings and features songs about Fracking, Drinking, Loving, Driving, Thinking, Hoping and Worrying. But not all at once.

RUSHONROCK – A number of musicians have contributed to the album this time round. Could you tell us a bit about this?

Beans On Toast – Yeah, I put together a ragtag bunch of musician friends and we headed out for a week in a studio in the heart of the Welsh countryside called Giant Wafer Studios. You can expect fiddles, honky-tonk piano, accordion and of course some banjo and harmonica.

RUSHONROCK – Tensheds once again appears on this album. How has your understanding developed since Spanner In The Works, and do you see this as a long-term partnership?

Beans On Toast – Yeah, Matt from Tensheds is an absolute dude. He can play the piano like no one I’ve ever seen. I played one show with him in Hebden Bridge a few years back and I wouldn’t leave him alone after that. He brought a lot to this record and will be playing on the upcoming UK tour as well. You never know whats around the corner, but I see no reason why we wouldn’t keep it up.

RUSHONROCK – Spanner In The Works had a heavy focus on Brexit, which was then followed by May’s single Please Don’t Let This Woman Rule The Country. Could you give us a bit of insight into the content explored in album number nine?

Beans On Toast – I kind dipped into this on the past question, but as ever I’ve laid my cards out nice and clear with this record and there are a few tunes about the sorry political land space we currently find ourselves in.

RUSHONROCK – You’ve got an incredible double headline tour coming up with Skinny Lister next month. Could you tell us a bit about it? Are there any shows that really stand out for you?

Beans On Toast – I Love the Skinny Lister folks. We’ve toured, played and partied together many times. We share a label and a booking agent and we get on like family so we decided to head out on tour together. this also means we can play some venues bigger than either of us would alone, so there’s a lot of exciting venues on the tour, but for me personally Koko will be quite significant. I’ve got a long and brilliant history with the venue that started back when it was called the Camden Palace and beers used to be £1 a pop.

RUSHONROCK – Both acts love a drink and a post-show party, how much fun will be had on this tour?

Beans On Toast – Time will tell.

RUSHONROCK – Beans On Toast fans have become pretty accustomed to the annual small venue tour that includes The Cluny, The Brudenell Social Club etc. Will we see this tour at any point over the next few months?

Beans On Toast – Not in the next few months, but soon. There’s some exciting shit being planned as we speak.


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