Fokofpolisiekar – Droom Hoog ( Self-Release)

Genre: Rock

Some bands seem to lose a little bit of life and lust with the passing of time, but after a few years out of the game Fokofpolisiekar are back and pumping out tunes like never before.

The Afrikaans legends have rediscovered their lus and the music world is better for it. 

When you think about it, it’s actually a testament to Fokof’s passion that they had time to squeeze in the recording of a five-track EP in between their multitude of other side-projects. 

It was only back in December that the band released their 7/10 RUSHONROCK rated album Selfmedikasie, and Droom Hoog largely follows on from the style of that record.

And before you complain, just because Fokofpolisiekar aren’t those angry teenagers anymore doesn’t mean they’ve lost the fire inside them.

This may be a band mellowed by the number of side projects each members has embarked on, but they’re still Fokof and they’re still here to stay.

Drummer Hunter Kennedy described the EP as a brain fart, and while the sound is less raw than previous incarnations of the band, it retains a DIY, punkish sound that’s definitely rough around the edges. There can be no complaints of over production here.

Ek Wens Ek Was Meer is a slow build of an opening track that has lead singer Francois van Coke almost rasping his lines through the chorus and the guitars build up around him.

And when van Coke starts Droom Hoog by saying ‘fok ander; dit is die sleutel tot a befokte lewe!’ and howling, it doesn’t sound like a song that’s going to run its punk spirit up the flag pole and wave it loud and proud.

That’s pretty much what this EP is and where the beauty lies. It takes you by surprise and you end up running Droom Hoog up the flag pole. 

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Still got it