The Virginmarys – Northern Sun Sessions (self released)

Genre: Rock

When your first two albums bang, there are basically two paths that you can go down. I like to call them the Kings of Leon option, or the Arctic Monkeys option.

In plain language, you can stick or twist. And thankfully, THANKFULLY, these Macclesfield legends have decided to stick.

To be fair, Ally Dickaty’s brilliantly gravely voice is about as rough as you feel after a night out in any northern city and it just wouldn’t feel right if he suddenly decided to uproot and do an Alex Turner.

In fact, Dickaty has made it extremely clear that he wants to stay close to his roots, which should be a tremendous cause for celebration as his roots sound great.

The Virginmarys are a whirlwind to watch live and Northern Sun Sessions retains that raw feel to the music, sonically and lyrically. The singer wants to use this band as a cathartic platform and maybe that’s why, when holding notes or howling his ‘yeaahhhss’ you can really feel it

Whether it’s on Blind Lead The Blind, a song that builds and breaks over your head like the first time you went in the sea when it was a little bit choppy to the slow build on All Fall Down, this is an album that resonates pure rock ‘n roll.

In a conscious effort to retain an honest edge, Dickaty makes several mentions to sobriety within the record and it’s clear that this is an album that means a tremendous amount to the frontman.

So don’t come here for anything fancy and don’t come here to hear a band experimenting about what it means to be in The Virginmarys. Come here if you like your music raw, honest, loud and with a rhythm you can 100% sink your teeth into.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Hot hot hot