Raucous two-piece Rival Bones have released their new single Scars as well as the accompanying video.

James Whitehouse and Chris Thomason formed the group in 2014 and were influenced by legends AudioslaveQueens Of The Stone AgeDeath From Aboveand Rage Against The Machine.

The two-piece have played alongside the likes of Mallory Knox and The Hyena Kill as well as festivals like Tramlines, Camden Rocks and Amplified festivals.

“Scars is about finding comfort in someone who is just as damaged as you,” said Whitehouse. “You may both not be in the right place, but the fact that you’re both their gives you some form of escape and maybe even lets you revel in the fact you’re both that way.

“It’s a song we had written in some form or another for a couple of months, but its form changed a lot leading up to recording. It’s one of the first songs that we really mulled over.”

The single was brought about after the band were given the chance to test out a brand new studio over one weekend.

“We were actually given a full weekend in a brand new multi million pound recording studio that our producer had helped build over the last 7 years,” continued Whitehouse.

The Wombats deliver a stunning set jam packed with fun!

“We were asked to stress test it and thought it was the perfect opportunity to finally get Scars down to tape. In terms of recording it’s done the same way we always record. Both of us set up live in a big room, no multi tracking, no click track, just the raw performance with vocals done later on,” he concluded.

Rival Bones also play live later this year. The dates are as follows:

6th May – Sound City, Liverpool
10th May – Focus Wales, Hanley
1st Jun – Rockmantic On The Road, Wrexham
2nd Jun – Long Division, Wakefield
7th Jun – Amplified, Cheltenham