Violblast – Conflict (Suspiria Records)

Genre – Thrash metal

Catalonian thrash metal outfit, Violblast, has well and truly conquered the Spanish underground metal scene, and are now intent on putting their stamp on the mainstream metal scene.

Having signed to Suspiria Records, the four piece will have expert guidance, with the label producing some of the best independent metal albums of the last few years.

Conflict wastes no time getting started, with a ferocious opening that sees venomous drums patterns coupled with charging guitars and growling vocals (which are sang in English throughout), in the albums opener Deep Into Darkness.

Continuing with the same unrelenting pace, the album proceeds to get heavier and more thrash, with plenty of head banging tracks such as Signs of a Murder and Reprisal.

Vocally this album is superb, and although there is a mixture of growling and screaming vocals throughout, lyrics can be easily identified, which isn’t always easy with singers of this style.

While the pace and power packed into this album will certainly please traditional thrash metal fans, it is unlikely to win over passing rock fans due to the lack of variation. Conflict is full on, 100% thrash metal played at 100 miles per hour from start to finish.

As the track titles suggest, there is a common theme of anger and belligerence running through this record, and this is no more prevalent than in the gut busting Paths of Aggression. The track sees a marriage of drums and guitars so powerful, so frenzied and so definite; it creates a machine gun type atmosphere of blistering metal at its triumphant best.

Variation may be lacking slightly, but this record is packed with quality throughout. There are no album fillers, no complacent numbers; just hard hitting metal from start to end.

Thrash metal has always thrived on the live scene and having worked their way up from the underground circuit, Violblast will have no problem winning audiences over in the U.K. and the rest of Europe. Expect to come out of their shows exhausted. This album is non-stop and not for the faint hearted!

RUSHONROCK RATED – 8/10 A blistering ray of thunderous thrash!