Bruce Dickinson – Soloworks (BMG)

Genre – Heavy metal

Bruce Dickinson’s six solo albums span from 1990 to 2005 and have been cut from the original masters for reissue on heavyweight, black 180g vinyl in artworked sleeves. Two of the titles – The Chemical Wedding and Tyranny Of Souls are being made available for the first time ever on vinyl.

Iron Maiden fans, and Bruce Dickinson fans will need absolutely no introduction to the work of this musical icon, and Soloworks will certainly be snapped up by the ever merch hungry Maiden army.

But, it’s not just about the fans that have been around from day one. There’s a new generation of metal heads coming through, and vinyl sales are at their highest point since the early nineties. Soloworks offers younger fans a great opportunity to get their hands on some of the best work heavy metal has ever produced.

Tattooed Millionaire, Balls To Picasso, Skunkworks and Accident Of Birth have been long out of print, with the latter two titles now expanded to double LPs for optimum sound, but Dickinson is offering fans the opportunity to purchase all six records together in a collectors box set.

The release of these iconic albums corresponds with the launch of his autobiography What Does This Button Do? Pair the book with Soloworks and you’ve got a fascinating insight the history of Dinkinson’s music, the reasons behind his musical choices and the variations of hard rock and metal he produced throughout a solo career that spanned 15 years.

Songworks is a journey of music that will absorb you into its core if you give it the time, taking you from Dickinson’s stripped back 1990 debut Tattooed Millionaire, to the darker, heavier, creepier Balls to Picasso in ’94 and through the cutting edge alt-rock of Skunkworks in 1996. The opening three albums are then followed by heavy metal celebration Accident Of Birth, to traditional, yet modern, The Chemical Wedding, before finally reaching his last solo foray Tyranny Of Souls, which was released in 2005.

This journey is a must for Dickinson fans, an education for young rockers (not just metallers), and one that will absolutely not disappoint. As far as relevant reissues go, Soloworks is the kind of thing fans are crying out for, and not just another money making scheme from an old rocker living off the past. Good work Bruce.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 10/10 A true rock legend.

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