The Cadillac Three – Legacy (Big Machine Records)

Genre – Southern Rock

Having been making noise together from their high school days, The Cadillac Three have been through a lot together. Earning a reputation for their fully amped, bluesy southern sounds, the trio have used Legacy as an opportunity to explore a new sound.

Opening with Cadillacin’, The Cadillac Three open in straight up country style, that leans more towards the radio friendly, pop side of the genre rather than the greasy rock and roll sound they’re known for. The track has plenty of nice hooks, catchy lyrics and an easy to listen to feel, but in truth, we all expect more from the Nashville reared three piece.

The poppy, smooth vibe continues throughout Tennessee and Hank & Jesus, and it’s not until Dang If We Didn’t that The Cadillac Three finally throw in a guitar solo. Vocally, Jaren Johnston is very much on point, with lyrics rolling effortlessly off the tongue in a smooth southern drone.

Johnston’s vocals may be suited to this new style, but in truth there is a feeling that he’s holding back. In previous albums, he’s shown the power and the dexterity of his vocal range, but it’s not until American Slang that he gets anywhere close to showing his true ability.

This frustration applies to Ray and Manson as well. The rhythm section have much more to offer, with Mason only really getting free reign to deliver on Take Me To The Bottom. This slow, country rock track also sees Johnston step it up musically with plenty of electric sounds protruding from his lead guitar.

Legacy has seen The Cadillac Three experiment with a sonic shift, and in truth they’ve delivered an album that’s easy to listen to. It’s full of nice songs, with remarkable consistency displayed from start to finish. But, will fans be happy with the change?

The Cadillac Three, like many bands before them, are probably victims of their own success. They’ve set such high standards in the past that they needed to go above and beyond with this release. Sadly, they haven’t done this. Instead they’ve produced an album that reeks of familiarity and is far too similar to what other bands have delivered before.

Legacy is by no means a bad album, but more is expected of The Cadillac Three.

RUSHONROCK RATED 7/10 Dang if we didn’t get drunk last night!


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