Blink 182 @ Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle 9/07/2017

Blink 182 fans have had to wait to see their heroes in Newcastle again, but the wait proved worthwhile as the trio delivered an electrifying performance, with Matt Skiba once again proving he is a major upgrade on Tom DeLonge.

Emerging to a burning symbol of ‘FUCK’, they burst into life with Feeling This, from their 2003 self-titled album. From the off Skiba, clad in black and white convict style trousers, was full of life and vocally on key, with Mark Hoppus seeming intent on covering every inch of the stage.

With the audience well and truly pumped up, Blink 182 took them back to the summer of 2001 as they launched into The Rock Show. Playing such an iconic track so early in the set was a ballsy move by the Californian punks, but one that set the tone for an adventurous set list that featured hit after hit.

As explosions of fire appeared from behind the stage, Travis Barker delivered an explosion of style from behind the kit. Barker’s talent and showmanship is such that he can carry a show almost single handedly, something even some of the greatest drummers on the planet would struggle with.

The relationship between Skiba and Hoppus is something to treasure. This dynamic duo, combined with the passion of Barker makes for an exhilarating live performance, and it’s clear it extends beyond the stage and into their song writing. While Skiba knocked the classics out of the park, there was a special feel radiating from the band when they played the likes of Cynical, Sober and Built This Pool – the modern age of Blink 182.

With 11,000 pop-punks packed into a hot, sweaty Metro Radio Arena, Blink 182 raced through 20 years of material, including fan favourites Anthem Part Two, What’s My Age Again and I Miss You. These iconic songs sent the audience wild with screaming, climbing on shoulders and perpetual pogoing. The energy from the crowd was matched on stage by a band that look happier, tighter and more in touch with their music than they have done for the best part of a decade.

After just an hour, Blink 182 left the stage, before returning for All The Small Things and Dammit. These anthemic tracks were met by a wall of sound from an enthused audience as they screamed back every word, as confetti poured from the ceiling and the show came to an end with a drum solo from Travis’ son.

Although Blink may have kept their performance short and sweet (70 minutes in total), it was packed with class and energy – an all killer, no filler set list that left few disappointed.

Photo credit – India Fleming


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