Froth – Outside (briefly) (Withita Recordings)

Genre – Psych rock

Formed in Los Angeles in 2013, Froth first garnered attention with their debut LP, Patterns. Originally intended as a small-run cassette release, the album quickly became an underground sensation in the Southern California music scene, catapulting the band to local fame and prompting a vinyl re-release in 2014.

Froth are now three albums in, and Outside (briefly) sees them strip everything back and start over, with the help of acclaimed producer Thomas Dolas.

Dolas has helped the psych rockers truly find their voice with beautiful melodies, intricately arranged instrumentals, and some of their most experimental song writing to date.

Last month, Froth released their first single off the album in the shape of Contact. The track sums up the moody appeal to the album, with a mixture of frothy fuzz and dynamic precision that takes them to a cut above other shoegazing revivalists, and propels them towards a rock inspired groove.

Sensitive Girl is awash with moodiness as JooJoo Ashworth’s lo-fi vocals take a deliberately underwhelming approach that works wonders. His vocals combined with the driving, done of Nick Ventura’s guitar, create an atmospheric sound that sucks you in and leaves you in a deep state of shoegazing relaxation.

The last four years has seen Froth opening for acts such as The Drums, Tamaryn, Pond and Craft Spells, but Outside (briefly) sees them rise to a level anything these acts have produced. Tracks like Shut The Windows, Romantic Distractions and Shatter see Froth reach a maturity in their arrangements that they previously lacked, as Dolan’s input has seen them add drum machines, synths, a cello and additional keys to their sound, taking them away from their purely guitar focused sound.

Outside (briefly) will undoubtedly take Froth to a new level, even if the sounds of the album are reminiscent of a number of bands from the 90s and the 2010 shoegazing revivalists. This is not a negative, but a sign that Froth are reaching the level of the top acts in this genre, and that their desire to experiment will see them continue to grow and diversify as a unit.

There will be few people who are disappointed with this album. It’s filled with a collection of tracks that work well has an album, but each with its own voice. Every track has a uniqueness about it, and the album as a whole is easy to listen to, working best with the volume turned up to the max!

RUSHONROCK RATED – 7.5/10 Frothing at the mouth!