Great Ytene – Locus (Faux Discs)

Genre – Post punk

‘Where’s your homework?’

‘Ahhh miss, I don’t have it, but it’s not my fault. You see… my computer crashed and I lost it…’

The modern version of ‘the dog ate my homework – let’s be honest, we’ve all tried it! Imagine for one second, that it wasn’t your homework. It was your debut full length album that was lost to an IT wormhole?

That’s exactly what happened the Great Ytene in 2015, hence why fans have had to wait three years for this album to arrive. An event of this magnitude, the costs of such an event and the work required to start over would signal the end for most bands, but not these guys!

The wormhole has only gone on to make them a tighter, more creative act than before, as Locus makes their debut six track look amateurish in comparison.

Awash with feedback and distortion, Locus opens with the searing sounds of Mono Aware with the underplayed vocals adding a darkness to their modern take on the classic post punk sound, that is a heavier, more dense continuation of what The Horrors were doing five years ago.

While there are comparisons to the show gazing style of The Horrors and S.C.U.M., this is a much heavier, rockier album than anything either of these bands produced. This heavy focus comes to light mid-way through the album in Wanness, a track thick with short, snapping drums and lecturing vocals that shows the diversity of this band.

The big problem Great Ytene will face with this release is the timing of it. Five years ago, George Street and Cruel Desires would have been major hits. They would have rivalled the top indie rock acts at the time and probably come out on top.

These tracks processes catchy hooks, distorted vocals and searing riffs that will get your feet moving – the kind that you will hear playing at indie / rock nights the length and breadth of the country.

Locus is a teasing album, an albums that tempts you in, pushes you away and grabs you back in at full force. It’s filled with unique arrangements that are downbeat, but exhilarating, making for a nuance filled album that is truly infectious.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 8/10 A frenzy of feedback filled fun!