Thousand Below have signed with Rise Records and released new song Tradition, as well as a video for the single.

Talking about the track, vocalist James Deberg said: “We’re beyond excited to have signed with Rise Records. Rise was the label that opened the door to the world of heavy music for most of us, and it’s such an awesome opportunity to begin our story on such an amazing platform.

“The record we finished is without a doubt the best work I’ve ever been apart of, and is the emotional culmination of our past year’s hard work. When we heard the Rise team was interested in giving us a chance to jump-start our careers we were overwhelmed with excitement, and we’re beyond grateful for everything they’re doing to help us share our story.

“We felt Tradition was a great song to come out the gate with as it showcases various aspects of our sound, and we really hope people connect with the vibe of the song and the emotion we put into it.”

Meanwhile, Young Fox have put out their video for Sometimes the Monsters Win, a song from their debut album Sky Beats Gold – which is out on Spartan Records.

Talking about their track, guitarist Marty Lunn said that it was: “an ode to failing…an acknowledgment that the first step in solving a problem or addiction is that you won’t win all the time, and that each time you fail, your job is to remember that feeling and allow it to change your heart.”

While bassist Callan Carnahan added: “We built one of the baritones that was used on nearly every song, and the low register adds a super heavy, punchy feel to the record. That combined with various drop tunings added this huge, deep timbre to the songs that really resonates with the feel of the album and the lyrical content.”