Good Friend – Ride The Storm (Red Scare Industries)

Genre – Punk Rock

Irish-born, lion-hearted rock and roll trio Good Friend have been making waves in the US punk community over the last few months, following their signing with Red Scare Industries.

Having self-funded their debut album, it’s fair to say Good Friend have embraced the DIY side of punk, even if their album does deliver a crisp, polished feel that somehow manages to keep the raw experience of their live shows.

From start to finish, this album takes on a storytelling approach that mixes tales of whiskey and anarchistic political views, to create a unique blend of punk rock that truly is unlike any other album out at the minute.

Opening with Rock Bottom Revival, the album hits home from the off, with heavy technical drumming and carefully crafted, yet easy to listen to, guitar licks from Andy Reid, before a strong chorus of ‘I found faith on the radio’ kicks in, in the strong Irish accent of frontman Adam Carroll.

Continuing with the ferocious pace of the album’s opener, the album explodes with D.L.B., a vocal led number, filled with angst and a chorus of ‘Honestly, I’m a disaster, a dirty little bastard’. With exceptional production and carefully crafted arrangements, this track highlights the maturity of the band (despite this being their first full length release) and the song writing ability of Carroll.

Young Blood, Good Friend’s first single from Ride The Storm comes bursting out of the traps with a vocal opening of ‘woah, woah, woah, woah, wo’, which instantly grabs your attention, before leading into a track that sees a heavy focus on Leon Connelly’s drumming.

Interestingly, the band have chosen to close the album with their best known track Irish Goodbyes, a track which brilliantly opens with the lyric ‘If you want to drink whiskey you best keep up,’ before racing into a high paced, story telling number that sums up the Irish spirit of the band, and wraps up the album in a terrific fashion. Don’t let this album pass you by, there’s far too much to love about it!

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Riot, baby riot, we could all do with a change!