@Newcastle University, October 2 2016

With queues straddling Newcastle University’s campus for more than an hour before doors opened, it’s fair to say Feeder drew a slightly different crowd to your standard rock audience.

There was a buzz and a real sense of excitement emanating from fans who looked like they stopped listening to rock music in 2006 and were there to rediscover their youth.

Rock and roll audience or not…they made one hell of a noise.

Opening act Reigning Days took to the stage first, proving themselves to be a worthy support for the Welsh rockers. The South Devon three-piece has been making inroads recently and has received a huge amount of positive press following the release of their single Renegade.

With catchy choruses, stripped back guitar rock and an extremely tight line up, this leather-clad collective look and sound like a band who mean business. Opening for an act like Feeder is never easy as the majority of the audience pays little attention but those who did were treated to an excellent half hour set by a band that will be a big name very soon.

After an hour wait between acts, Feeder finally took to the stage in their usual chilled out manner. With Nicholas and Hirose joined on stage by three worthy hired hands, Feeder looked tight from the off, playing a mixture of classics and tracks from their new album (RUSHONROCK 9/10).

From the get go, it was clear many of the crowd were there for one thing, and one thing only – Just A Day. Chants of ‘dut, dut, dut, do… dut, dut, dut, do’ started early and rang true throughout the show, but Nicholas entertained the crowd and kept them waiting for the iconic tune.

Treating the crowd to chorus-heavy hits like Just The Way I’m Feeling, Come Back Around, Pushing The Senses and Feeling A Moment, the five piece gave the crowd exactly what they came for before throwing in some new numbers.

After a few early teething problems, the volume on Grant Nicholas’ mic finally reached the right level in time for Eskimo – a dark and gloomy number from next week’s new album release. This was followed by the well-received Infrared-Ultraviolet, before they launched into their forthcoming single Geezer, at which point Nicholas roared to the crowd ‘let’s get some real rock music back in the charts!’

Wrapping up before the inevitable encore with Buck Rodgers, Feeder had Newcastle University bouncing. Mosh pits, pogoes and ear shattering screams filled the venue and the band walked off to a rapturous response, before the cries of ‘Feeeeeeeder, Feeeeeeder’ started.

Bouncing back onto stage in time for three more songs, the ‘dut, dut, dut, do… dut, dut, dut, do’ chants started again, and the band gave in. As Just A Day started, the crowd went wild and a deafening singalong ensued on an evening that delivered everything that was expected and more. Excellent show all round.