Feeder – All Bright Electric (Cooking Vinyl)

Genre: Alt Rock

Ten years ago Feeder was tearing up the charts with some of the best rock tracks of the noughts – scoring three gold and two platinum albums.

After a line up change in 2009 and a decline in mainstream rock, Feeder drifted somewhat into the shadows, but the Welsh rockers are back with a bang.

With 25 Top 40 singles to their name, Feeder was never going to be forgotten. All Bright Electric has shown just how current the band can be, with this 60s-style psychedelic rock style album offering a modern edge that has Feeder written all over it.

The album’s lead single Eskimo comes ringing in with an Arctic Monkeys’ Humbug-style darkness, with the warm vocals of Grant Nicholas being backed with psychedelic keys and slow, down beat drumming.

Fans looking for athemic tunes in the ilk of Just The Way I’m Feeling and Pushing The Senses may be left wanting, but that’s not to say the album lacks the big sing along sound that the band built their success around.

With powerful guitars, big vocals and more forceful drumming, Paperweight comes the closest to the hits that ruled the waves ten years ago, but once again stays within the beautiful psychedelic rock vibe the band have adapted expertly.

Similarly Infared-Ultraviolet, a track name that just rings of psychedelia, comes with easy listening melodies and searing guitars, to accompany a chorus of ‘still I wait… Ultraviolet’. The simplicity of the lyrics in this track makes it very easy to sing along to and injects added energy into the record at just the right time.

Three decades and nine albums’ worth of experience have ensured that Nicholas knows a thing or two about song order, and throughout this 11 track LP, he has laid down a perfect blend of tracks with varying styles, meaning that the album has a balanced feel, unlike many of the top heavy rock records of today.

With 11 excellent tracks to choose from, the album’s undoubted standout track comes in the form of the penultimate song, Hundred Liars. Opening with a classic Feeder riff and a trademark high pitched Nicholas’s harmony, this eclectic number mixes hard hitting sounds with the softest touches and a rousing chorus of ‘We could be heroes…’ to create a track that both whispers in your ear and gets you dancing at once.

All Bright Electric is everything you can expect from a band of Feeder’s experience; a band that has grown with their fans and has not stood still. An excellent album that will go down very well on their UK tour this Autumn.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 9/10 It’s just the way I’m feeling….