Meshiaak – Alliance Of Thieves (Mascot Records)

Genre: Thrash Metal

Who knew they still made thrash records like this? Referencing just about every iconic Bay Area release from the mid 80s, this magnificent wall of focused noise is so tight it’s like a noose choking the life out of lame modern day metal.

A supergroup of sorts – various members of Slayer, Teramaze and 4ARM have joined forces to go back to the future – Meshiaak’s bizarre name might make no sense whatsoever. But their music’s mission is crystal clear: craft an old school thrash metal masterpiece with Ride The Lightning and Reign In Blood as a thunderous starting point.

Metallica’s new song might have hinted that the old school can still rule but when James Hatfield and co. hear Alliance Of Thieves they’ll be a little bit miffed. Meshiaak have made the Metallica album the band themselves have failed to produce for decades.

At The Edge Of The World is an astonishingly adept piece of heavy music. Remember when …And Justice For All added an extra layer of lyrical depth to Metallica’s trademark sound? This is the essence of Meshiaak’s standout track but there’s much more where this bullish tune comes from.

Brilliantly brutal and bloodying the nose of thrash metal’s young pretenders, Alliance Of Thieves is essential listening for fans of the genre’s classic era.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Meshmerising