The Dead Daisies – Make Some Noise (Spitfire Music)

Genre: Classic Rock

The Dead Daisies continue to breathe new life into classic rock. And the way they’re doing it? By writing quality songs with catchy choruses delivered by some of the classiest musicians on the planet.

It’s a simple enough formula. And three albums in it’s been tried and tested. But there’s nothing refined about Make Some Noise. It’s a raucous cacophony of feelgood rock that’s good for the soul and hotter than hell.

The band’s revolving doors line-up might still be in full swing – former Whitesnake ace Doug Aldrich the latest recruit – but there’s a sense things are finally settling down behind the scenes. It hardly matters. In fact stability might be the last thing this fluid collective needs: this is a band that was born to live on the edge.

Even benefactor and band leader David Lowy is starting to hit his stride surrounded by so many seasoned professionals with impressive track records and the egos to match. The rhythm guitarist actually looked reasonably relaxed at the band’s Ramblin’ Man show last month and is looking more and more like a bona fide rock star.

Of course when Aldrich and Marco Mendoza are your band mates it’s impossible to look that good. Their live presence is legendary but on Make Some Noise each and every Dead Daisy does the business: We All Fall Down, Song And A Prayer and a gutsy cover of Fortunate Son are the sound of friends and colleagues having the time of their lives.

They may lack originality but who cares when they rock this hard. This autumn’s co-headline tour alongside The Answer can’t come soon enough.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Bossoming Daisies