Steven Tyler – We’re All Somebody From Somewhere (Dot Records)

Genre: Country Rock

If Steven Tyler was ever going to cut loose from Aerosmith then a countryfied set of softly, softly Southern Rock-flavoured goodness was always a likely move. Hardly a major diversion from the day job, We’re All Somebody From Somewhere strips away the blues that traditionally underpins Boston’s finest and allows Tyler to take a more sedate musical trip.

It’s a pleasant enough change of direction but this is a record that doesn’t ask too much. It’s about as demanding as sticking a coin into a Vegas slot machine and there will be many who find Tyler’s take on country more crackpot than jackpot.

But we like it. A lot. And when the sun shines, the beer’s cold and the mood is just right it’s about as perfect as it gets in terms of soundtracking a lazy, hazy summer.

Tyler could have done more creatively. He could have polished the production. In fact he could have released another Aerosmith album in all but name. But the raw – some may say almost amateur – charm of WASFS is its trump card.

There’s an irony underpinning My Own Worst Enemy but Tyler’s in no mood to apologise for following his heart as a solo artist. The title track veers from toe-curling to kinda cute but the stripped back power ballad Love Is Your Name creates a platform for one of rock’s greatest vocalists to truly shine.

This isn’t for everyone but it is for us. And we’re pretty sure somebody, somewhere will like it just as much.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 9/10 FreesTyling