@Ramblin’ Man Fair, Mote Park, Kent, July 24 2016

The decision to ration Thunder’s rousing British blues rock remains incredibly frustrating. One of the best live acts on the planet could play five times as many shows every year and still find themselves in serious demand.

But Thunder have benefitted from the old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder: their increasingly rare outings have never been more emotive with Danny Bowes lapping up the love-in that was Ramblin’ Man.

Sandwiched in between bullish young pretenders Airbourne and Black Stone Cherry, this was a big ask for Thunder’s seasoned veterans. But in Bowes they boast a frontman with energy to burn and his banter is better than most. Even now.

As the sun slowly drifted behind the main stage Bowes and his quintessential British band provided the perfect soundtrack to a sultry Sunday evening. If there’s a better ballad than Love Walked In then we’ve never heard it and the meandering version of Dirty Love was disgustingly good.

Perhaps Thunder could have squeezed in another tune or two but, very much like their 2016 touring schedule, this is a band that’s all about quality over quantity. Keep ’em keen is the current mantra and who can blame some of the busiest blokes in music for drip-feeding their biggest asset?

When Bowes, Luke Morely et al do hook up there’s still an imprecise, sizzling chemistry that many bands would kill for. Thunder benefit from a special bond that’s hitherto proved unbreakable. If a paucity of shows is what it takes to keep the pot boiling then nobody here’s complaining. Much.