Ferium – Behind The Black Eyes (Self-Released)

Genre: Metal

Israel’s Ferium aren’t afraid to land a few right hooks, send you flying and stomp on your prone, battered torso: the tech-groove of Revelation, for instance is titanium-plated 21st century metal, designed to hit where it hurts.

The band’s second full-length, in fact, is executed with supreme skill and Elram Boxer’s production job does much to send Ferium’s brutality levels into the red. Just check out the pummelling strains of A Journey We Had if you want the evidence.

So why is there a ‘but…’ around the corner? Because this quintet, despite taking inspiration from the likes of Meshuggah and Strapping Young Lad, fall short when it comes to songwriting. The flash of inspiration, the sprinkling of magic dust, is missing and what you’re left with is a frustrating album, one which feels lacklustre when it could have been bursting with ideas and at the very least, a few infectious riffs.

A hollow experience then –  and perhaps even too polished for its own good.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 5.5/10 Tunnel Vision