Close Quarters – Always A Lot, Never Little (Warner Music)

Genre: Rock N Roll

Imagine the Quireboys jamming with Bonafide before Zodiac Mindwarp drops by with his Love Reaction and everyone runs through their favourite covers of The Almighty and Backyard Babies.

That’s surely the wet dream of sleazy rock and rollers Close Quarters as the Swedes deliver one of the feistiest albums of 2015.

Referencing all of the above and most of Michael Monroe’s finer moments, theirs is a sound dressed up in scuffed denim and soaked in home brewed Scandinavian liquor.

Opener The Boys Are Back isn’t meant to be ironic but it’s almost as if Close Quarters really have been around forever.

The impression might be of a band who party for a living but the reality of Always A Lot, Never Little is a professional tilt at wider success.

It’s impossible to hum along to Crazy World’s chorus without singing the words to Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls and there’s a GNR feel to set closer and ballad First And Last Time. Just two more reasons to love this raucous record then. Simon Rushworth