Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock – On A Mission: Live In Madrid (inakustik)

Genre: Classic Rock

It’s only four years since the Temple Of Rock released Live In Europe and with nine tracks overlapping both DVDs there’s a real danger of overkill where main man Michael Schenker is concerned.

Sure, the enigmatic German is in the form of his life flanked by former Scorpions Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz but does a standalone Madrid show last November genuinely warrant another run through the greatest hits?

The answer is, in fact, a resounding yes. For starters frontman Doogie White delivers a classic rock masterclass – achieving the quality and consistency occasionally lacking since he hooked up with old mate Schenks.

And then there’s the setlist. There’s the predictable Scorpions/UFO/MSG standards – the majority of which can be found on Live In Europe – but Blackout and Lovedrive, in particular, have never sounded better. The real treat here is the vibrancy of new tunes Vigilante Man, Communion and Live And Let Live with all three proving Schenker can still pen a pretty raucous rock anthem.

In 2012 Live In Europe captured a ‘band’ in its infancy: feeling its way and struggling to shake the fear that one of the globe’s most talented guitar heroes had lost his way. Four years down the line and Live In Madrid offers compelling proof that Schenker is back to his best and that the Temple Of Rock has built on its solid foundations.

If you’re a big fan you’ll want both. But if you worshipped Schenker back in the day and didn’t quite believe the post-Temple hype then take a punt on Live In Madrid. There’s never been a better time to fall in love with the original mad axeman all over again and who knows if there’ll be another film somewhere down the line? This might be the last document of Schenker live.