Daydream Frenzy – Ocean Air (Self-Released)

Genre: Alt-Rock

Scotland has got a rich history of launching gritty alt-rock bands into the national conscience, dating all the way back to when Biffy Clyro were anything but the radio friendly rock powerhouse that they are today.

Since then Twin Atlantic have burst onto the scene and toned down their sound and now Daydream Frenzy are hoping to do the same thing.

But there is a difference between those three bands, and that is Daydream Frenzy have never been anything other than their current sound: alt-rock with a harder edge that comes through in their music every so often.

Ocean Air is the follow up to their debut album Pride and Wonder, and it’s full of the sort of singalong, Goldylocks type tracks that an EP is supposed to be.

With two remixes (one acoustic version of Shout and a Pride and Wonder remix), it’s a little light on new material – while On My Own don’t really show off the range of sound that the bands has. Good Morning, on the other hand, is exactly what the band is good at: poppy lyrics that has a little edge to them.

Otherwise, it’s a good continuation for Daydream Frenzy. They might not be as big as some of their countryman yet, but a good local following and solid material like this can only push them in one direction.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 Frenzy? Nearly There