Purson – Desire’s Magic Theatre (Spinefarm)

Genre: Prog Rock/Glam Rock/Psych Rock

There is a reason Purson ran away with the 2015 RUSHONROCK Gig Of The Year, fighting off stiff competition from Uriah Heep, Blackberry Smoke and Slash. They are, quite simply, the most exciting British band on the planet right now.

Live there’s lots to like. Head-spinning rhythms, mystical keys, soaring solos and haunting frontwoman Rosalie Cunningham make for an addictive assault on the senses. As visually demanding as they are aurally ambitious, Purson boast the full package ripping through their set on stage.

But does that ambience and progressive rock pomp transfer to record? According to Desire’s Magic Theatre it most certainly does. With bells on.

This is a little more uplifting than the gloomier – yet equally immersive – debut The Circle And The Blue Door but it’s hardly laugh-a-minute. Cunningham’s stock tone is such that there’s always a sense of foreboding underpinning each fresh track.

Nevertheless there’s a glam-stomp bawdiness about Desire’s Magic Theatre that evokes Mott and Bowie at their entertaining best. The title track packs a genuine punch but Electric Landlady best captures what makes this band such a fascinating beast: Sam Shove’s keys adding a soundtrack feel to a fantastic tune.

Purson are bold, bright and dare to be different. They don’t sound like any new band (albeit they sound like plenty of old ones) we’ve seen lately and they look like extras out of an ill-advised Austin Powers sequel.


RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Pursonal Service