Blending thrash and death metal and boasting some of the most talented musicians in the extreme music scene, Boston’s Revocation have made their mark at home and abroad over the last two years – with 2014’s Deathless opus becoming an instant hit.

Richard Holmes caught up with guitarist/vocalist David Davidson to chat about the band’s progress, the recent re-release of their 2008 debut and what their new album has in store…

RUSHONROCK: Why did you feel it was time to re-release Empire of the Obscene last year?

DAVID DAVIDSON: Empire has been out of print for quite some time now and we received a lot of messages from our fans over the years to re-press the record so we felt like it was time. We were also at the end of our touring cycle for Deathless so it gave our fans something to check out while we worked on writing new material.

RUSHONROCK: What has been the response from fans to the release?

DD: The response was great, a lot of people really liked the new mix, it’s clearer and allows for everything to breathe a little more. I think people were also stoked that we included the Summon The Spawn demo tracks on there as an added bonus.

RUSHONROCK: Looking back, would you have done anything differently on your debut? What did you learn from those early days?

DD: I’m sure I would have approached things differently but I’d rather focus on creating new music rather than think about what I would have changed in the past. I learned a lot about songwriting and also how to prepare for a recording.

RUSHONROCK: Your sound as evolved in many ways since you first released Empire of the Obscene in 2008. What do you think have been the key elements in your progress as a band?

DD: Keeping an open mind and a diverse taste in music are key elements to evolving I think. We also personally strive to hone our craft as players, so that drives us to want to deliver better and better performances with each release.

RUSHONROCK: You’re inspiring a new generation of extreme metal guitarists. How does it feel to be looked up to in that way?

DD: I think it’s great that we can influence the next generation of metal musicians to be creative and I’m very honored that people look up to me. The idea that I can inspire others is inspiring for me as well!

RUSHONROCK: How has former 3 Inches of Blood drummer Ash Pearson made his mark on Revocation since joining last summer?

DD: He’s been an excellent addition to the team, he plays our older songs with conviction and brought a lot of great ideas to the table when we were working on new music. I would say the transition has been pretty seamless overall.

RUSHONROCK: You’ve straddled thrash and death metal to create something unique – what’s the secret to creating your own sound, especially in genres which are over-saturated?

DD: I think we just stay true to ourselves and our vision. We’re writing music that we want to hear first and foremost so I think people appreciate that honest approach.

RUSHONROCK: In the current extreme metal scene, who do you view as the trailblazers?

DD: There are so many great bands in the underground that don’t get enough credit. I just checked out this newer band named Ad Nauseam the other day and they blew me away, they reminded me of a mixture of Gorguts and Ulcerate with a little Deathspell vibe in there for good measure. I also recently heard the brand new Wormed track and I was really pumped on that as well, very excited to hear their full length when it comes out.

RUSHONROCK: What’s next for Revocation?

DD: Our plan is to hit the road again in either the spring or the summer depending on what tours are happening.
RUSHONROCK: Has work started on the follow-up to Deathless and can you give us a hint of what you have planned for it?

DD: Yeah we’re currently in the studio right now, we’re all really excited for people to hear this new material. It’s going to be our first concept record, I think our fans are really going to dig it. Tom Strom will be once again handling the artwork and from what I’ve seen so far it’s shaping up to be a real death metal masterpiece!

RUSHONROCK: Any plans to come back over to the UK this year?

DD: Definitely, we’re hoping to hit the UK a couple times at least on our next album cycle, we love the crowds across the pond!