@Newcastle Think Tank?, February 6 2016

Backed up by a selection of the finest unsigned acts in Newcastle, Gallery Circus continued to enhance their reputation as one of the most exciting bands to come out of the city in the last few years.

Think Tank? is a venue that seems almost custom made for the duo, who fill it up more and more each time they play a show there.

The closed-in space and low ceiling are the Ross twins’ playground, as drummer Graeme uses the walls and ceilings as much as his drum kit to bash out a pounding rhythm.

The band has been around the scene for a while now – BBC Introducing did an interview with them back in 2011 and  they will be hoping that the release of their new EP in the next few weeks can take them to the next level.

Gallery Circus brought a lot of new songs to their set and it wasn’t until the very end that they played one of their most recognisable, Supercell – although they showcase their wonderful musical skill best when Dan plays the piano and the guitar at the same time.

Despite the venue having a ‘strict’ doors time, the band were still able to work through the whole set – despite starting nearly half an hour late due to technical issues.

The double act have been gigging hard to build their profile and playing in places like the o2 Academy Islington will help that. So too will the release of their new EP, which has been in the makings for a while.

Gallery Circus bring passion and a certain electric spark to the stage, keep your eye on them, because they surely can’t be playing in small venues for ever.