SIMO – Let Love Show The Way (Mascot Label Group)

Genre: Blues Rock/Jazz Rock

Any band beloved of Joe ‘Blues King’ Bonamassa deserves attention. According to the genre’s poster boy, SIMO frontman JD Simo is an artist he would ‘love to jam with’. These days the accolades don’t come much greater. So what’s the appeal?

Well this blues/rock/jazz fusion is an authentic blend of focused riffage and off-the-cuff jamming – Simo’s preference for vintage guitars creating an old school vibe that sporadically introduces Southern Rock flavours and a hint of Americana.

Crowd favourite Can’t Say Her Name is honest enough to avoid drifting into cliché and Rather Die In Vain verges on the avant garde as Simo let their imaginations run wild.

For a trio the Nashville-based band creates quite a racket and Let Love Show The Way is varied enough to pique the shortest of attention spans. JD Simo has the talent and this bold album provides him with the platform to blossom.