Pathological Noise – Gore Aberration (Greyhaze Records)

Genre: Death Metal

Nothing fundamentally wrong with playing a bit of blood-spattered, brutal death metal, but to work it needs to be incisive, focused and well executed: the problem with Pathological Noise is that no sooner are you digging their Cannibal Corpse-like pummeling, then they knock you off balance with a jarring interlude that completely wrecks their momentum. Pathological Metal Vision and Lights on the Dark Sky are among the most prominent examples of this, however there are plenty more.

And while the Belo Horizonte outfit can clearly write a decent riff or two (see Calling With The Dead’s and Never Ending Blood ‘n’ Hate), they’re often let down by sloppy delivery (especially the interplay between lead guitars and bass), and solos which at times seem bizarrely out of place. A hit and miss production effort doesn’t help matters either.

There’s a decent band lurking in their somewhere, but Gore Aberration is unlikely to propel Pathological Noise out of the Brazilian underground.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 3.5/10 Noise pollution