Handguns – Disenchanted (Pure Noise Records)

Genre: Pop Punk

2015 has been the year of pop punk, with the spectacular breakthrough of bands like Knuckle Puck – and Handguns are here with their own variety of the genre.

Where some pop punk bands prefer to focus on girls and parties, Handguns take a more serious line with their songs as they focus on mental health and teen hardship.

Song like The Worst In Me, My Lowest Point and Low Spirits are the type of hard hitting tune that you’d expect from Beartooth but not from the Pennsylvania quartet.

Mixed in with all the serious stuff is the usual batch of light hearted lyrics and a positive take on life – one of the best songs on the album is Carbon Copy Elitist which takes the mick out of those with connections.

Musically, Disenchanted is your basic pop punk album. There are plenty of big guitar riffs and sing along chorus hooks – but it does give you that bit extra to think about during the whole process.

For a fourth studio album, this is a fresh and invogorating take on a genre that can be a little one dimensional.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 Shots Fired