Gnarwolves – Adolescence (Pure Noise Records)

Genre: Punk Rock

There must be something in the water in Brighton that inspires rock music and noise makers.

Following on from their self titled debut album is local trio Gnarwolves’ four-track EP Adolescence, which is no less loud, thrashy and pinky than their first release.

Nestled among the short sharp shocks that are their songs – no tune is longer than two minutes and 40 seconds – are some messages of sorts.

The Waiting Line, Daydreamer and Bad Dreams are along the lines of what you’d typically associate with this band, while Blondie occupies the other end of the spectum and slows down the pace completely.

Gnarwolves have taken punk rock and tried to make it more accessible to a general audience, and Daydreamer does that with it’s (slightly) slowed down, hooky chorus.

Bad Dreams rounds things off at the end by going back to their roots and shooting out hoarse lyrics, chopped up guitar and a frantic finish.