Press to MECO – Good Intent (Best Before Records)

Genre: Alt. Rock

For those in the know, Good Intent is one of the most highly anticipated rock albums of 2015.

Press To MECO have been around for a long time now and so for them to only drop their debut two year after releasing the Affinity EP shows just how much getting it right means to them. It’s almost ironic because at very first listen, this band almost sounds like they are getting it wrong.

With distorted rhythm and melodies, and songs that twist and turn through half a dozen different directions, Press To MECO can take a couple of listens before they sink in, but it’s well worth it. For those who think rock ‘n roll has gone stale, this three piece is the perfect antidote.

This album is more than 30 minutes long but each song is as entertaining as the last. Subject matters ranges from Walter White on Breaking Bad, to suppressing cannibalistic urges – all packaged with loud, agressive guitar and punchy vocals.

The lack of over-polish is a real masterstroke. Included are the songs from the Affinity EP, their excellent breakout record from 2013 – but it’s clear that the creative juices didn’t stop then, and PTM are in top form throughout the album.

Diffusion Of Responsibility is a real mosh pit banger, that changes musical direction several times in classic Press to MECO fashion – while old favourites like Affinity sound just as right in a full length album as they did on an EP.