Limb – Terminal (New Heavy Sounds)

Genre: Sludge/Stoner Metal

Limb’s 2014 debut – a fuzzed-out, Melvins-esque affair – hinted that there were great things to come from these Londoners. And those great things have arrived in the form of Terminal’s nine songs.

The band have broadened out their sound, sharpened their songwriting, injected barrel-loads of groove and created a heavy ol’ beast of an album – think Elephant Riders-era Clutch with a healthy dose of British grit, and you’re in the right ballpark.

Former Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats drummer Tom Mowforth has joined the band and seemingly given Limb a kick up the behind, while acclaimed producer Russ Russell has added warmth to their stripped down sound.

But it’s the sheer quality of tracks like Down By The Banks, Dawn Raiders and Sleepwalkers which make Terminal stand out as one of 2015’s best efforts.

There’s plenty of variety too: Spoils of a Portrait King, for instance, embraces the band’s doomier influences, while Micromegas stomps and swaggers along, swinging a huge rawk riff and Mortuary Teeth even hints at New York noise rock.

Put simply, Limb deserve to conquer the world on the strength of Terminal – let’s hope they do so.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8.5/10 Heavily Armed