The Jokers – Hurricane (Steamhammer/SPV)

Genre: Classic Rock

The Jokers might sound like an even more in-your-face version of Steel Panther, but don’t let that fool you for a second as they take their music as seriously as they take their hair.

Bringing classic rock and hair metal back into the 21st century might be a task that some might hold their noses at, but The Jokers have taken on the challenge – and in some ways they are winning.

Sure, commercial and widespread success might not have followed them around the country, but since when is that the only measure of how well a band is doing – and anyway, classic rock is only going to appeal to a certain percentage of the population.

They’ve spent years building up good reviews and endorsements from the likes of Classic Rock, and Hurricane delivers on all they have promised since the band was formed in 2006.

Run 4 Cover might sound like the start of a Who song, but it quickly morphs into a modern day re-telling of all those 80s classics, with shades of Airbourne in the chorus line.

There is never going to be a large amount of variation in albums like this – it’s the attitude, sweat and guitar riffs that keep it all going, and Rockerman has oodles of all three, even throwing in some bluesy harmonica for good measure.

Lockdown is a belter of a song: it’s a heavier beast than much of the material here and the decision to make more use of Paul Hurst on guitar pays off. The Jokers might not have the most rock ‘n roll name in music, but don’t let that put you off – these guys are all about long hair, shreddin’ guitar and making the classics proud.