Future Talk – The Path That Sadness Paved (Independent)

Genre: Alt. Rock

For a band yet to release their debut EP, Future Talk have lofty ambitions. Not only do they want success, but they want it on a global scale. If to be unavoidable is their final goal, The Path That Sadness Paved is a grand way to start.

For Future Talk’s debut is a bold step in the right direction – not necessarily with the actual music behind their songs, but with the lyrical content. Not many bands would have opened their account with such an emotionally honest collection of songs and songs that, if you stop to listen to the lyrics, reveal a lot.

The Cliffs As A Reminder lead with the lyrics ‘What a sad excuse for a man I’ve been’ while Fear Life tells the listener ‘I have no will to survive’ and Shadow Poet opens with ‘You see what I am, is the shadow of what I could have been’.

With an EP title like The Path That Sadness Paved,  it perhaps shouldn’t come as much of a surprise – even if the level of melancholy contained in the four songs matches up to Billy Corgan at his gloomy best.

The Gloucestershire five-piece have been compared to Mallory Knox and Underoath and certainly the similarities between those bands are there for all to see. TPTSP is a big sounding EP, full of soaring instrumentals – but most of all it’s a firecracker of a rock EP. Russell Hughes

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Future Greats