Homebound – Permanence (Failure By Design Records)

Genre: Pop Punk

Not quite punk rock, not quite pop punk, Permanence leans to the pop punk side of melodic punk that bands like Templeton Pek have come to occupy.

Homebound have the raw edge to them that All Time Low had on their first few albums, before fame and slick producers found them. It’s a less polished brand of music, but it sounds more emotionally charged and driven than the stuff peddled around today.

This is the second EP from the band, and it marks a second wave of punk minded groups to come out since ATL broke through the barrier earlier in the decade.

Like all good bands of the genre, their music is underpinned with the type of super-catchy chorus lines that require next to no memory to belt along to.

Homebound deliver those in droves with Blossom and Worthwhile, while there is no let up in the pace of things throughout the five songs.

Being on tour with Six Time Champion can only help the group hone their craft, although not too much please – we like the raw, rough around the edges feel of Permanence too much. Russell Hughes

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Punk Rock’s Coming Home