Biters – Electric Blood (Earache)

Genre: Glam Punk/Rock N Roll

Where Biters are concerned believe the hype.

This sleazy, teasy debut draws on life in the gutter and adds the requisite grit, determination and devilish disregard for convention required to craft a classic rock and roll debut.

It screams realism, authenticity, angst and swagger. The 10 songs here are born in some dingy Atlanta garage but transferable to the biggest arena stage – just as soon as the promoters and the punters catch on.

Fusing raw punk attitude with the rougher edges of 70s hard rock there may well be a lack of originality where tunes like 1975, Dreams Don’t Die and The Kids Ain’t Alright are concerned. But Biters’ appreciation of key musical reference points is a big part of this band’s instant charm.

Fans of New York Dolls and Hanoi Rocks might complain of a blatant breach of copyright but a genre in danger of extinction desperately requires new blood. More punk than glam there is, nevertheless, a media-friendly image to complement the raucous anthems and tetchy attitude.

This autumn’s extensive UK tour promises to be a real treat and given Electric Blood‘s commercial potential any remaining tickets for Biters’ September/October shows will surely sell out fast. Miss is and miss out. Simon Rushworth

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Fangstastic