Bellevue Days – The Sun Came Up When We Were Young (Self Released)

Genre: Alt Rock

Distorted guitar and rhythms that don’t quite match up might seem like the sound from hell, but done right and it can be heaven in your ears – just ask the lads from Press To MECO.

Bellevue Days aren’t quiet as full-on as PTM, but there are certainly distorted elements through The Sun Came Up When We Were Young, their debut EP. This could never be easily bracketed into any one genre, and there are hints of Biffy Clyro from 2007 and The Xcerts.

The Sun Came Up When We Were Young is about as varied a debut as you can get. Capability, Capacity is a juddering, distorted guitar infused banger, while Let’s All Be Friends is a slow burning, rising and raucous number.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this was the work of a much more experienced group.

All four band members contribute to the songwriting and perhaps that’s what makes it – the sounds within each song so different but so harmonious at the same time. It’s chaos. But it’s organised chaos and it’s heaven to my ears. Russell Hughes

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Young Band, Old Heads