Bone Gnawer – Cannibal Crematorium (Pulverised Records)

Genre: Death Metal

Lead by former Massacre man and all-round death metal legend Kam Lee, Bone Gnawer have some formidable experience in their ranks, and it’s brought to bear very effectively on Cannibal Crematorium.

The multi-national outfit’s sophomore release is a gore-splattered battering ram of violent DM: simple, slick and catchy as hell.

Just take Chawed, Gnawed and Mauled as an example – the track crackles with thrashed-up energy, bears its teeth with some quick-fire passages and then drops an absolutely devastating riff on our heads around two minutes in.

There’s plenty more like it here, with Carnivore Beneath and Chainsaw Carnage in particular cracking skulls and taking names… it’s no surprise that guests like ex-Benediction/Bolt Thrower growler Dave Ingram and Acheron’s Vincent Crowley wanted to get a bite of the action.

Not pretty, not particularly clever, Cannibal Crematorium is nevertheless a brilliantly executed death metal album.

And with song titles like Untold Story: Human Pork Bun, what’s not to like? Richard Holmes