quireboys us tour poster final 600pxAfter a couple of days away our favourite new diarist is back – guitarist Paul Guerin bringing you bang up to date with the Quireboys‘ first North American tour in 20 years!

Read all about the frights and delights of Amityville nights as the band enters the final week of a fantastic jaunt.

And there’s more to come tomorrow… 


On our drive to Amityville we passed the Flight 93 memorial – this is the spot where the plane came down when the passengers took on the terrorists on 9/11 but sadly lost their lives trying to take back the plane. We had a quiet moment to reflect on the day that the world changed forever.

A nine hour drive and I’d lost all feeling in my legs and my peach so it was nice to roll into town and get the old legs moving again. Amityville has been made famous by the movie The Amityville Horror and the house where the murders took place was just around the corner from the gig…but I didn’t go around to see it.

The Revolution is a very cool rock club and Al’s friend’s band was opening up for us and they kindly let us use their equipment. I was using a Peavey and it sounded mighty fine!

The first band’s singer was a very cool looking chap who informed me he spent all day every day on a nudist beach…alright for some eh?!

We found out that there was a problem with our hotel booking but Al and Cindy come to the rescue and the Hampton Inn was duly booked (Hampton Inn…ha, ha).

Our friend Lisa had flown in from LA for the show so her, Al and Maria were teaming up to see all the remaining shows on the tour…brilliant! 

The show was a blast and the loyal crowd were behind us all the way. A few frothies were sank after the show and we all planned to meet up in the morning to see the house. But I had a sneaking feeling that when the alarm went off we’d wished we hadn’t made any plans…


* The Quireboys’ new album Black Eyed Sons is out now!

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