Down N Outz 2014The Down N Outz are bringing Ian Hunter’s glory days back to life across the UK this month.

And guitarist Paul Guerin is bringing RUSHONROCK readers  bang up to date with life on the road as he reprises his role as our favourite diarist.

Back by popular demand after delighting our readers with tales of the Quireboys’ US tour, Blyth’s finest is bang in form.

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The first band I ever saw when I was 11 was Slade and after witnessing that glam rock extravaganza I had to have a guitar – thus setting me on the path which brings myself and my fellow Down N Outz to Wolverhampton’s Slade Rooms tonight.

I’m not sure if Noddy and the boys have ever actually been in there but there are some brilliant photos of them from their heyday all over the walls.

Joe says he’s feeling a little better tonight so hopefully his virus/flu thingy may be on its way out. Tonight’s stage is probably the smallest on the tour so I felt a little hemmed in but apart from that I had a great gig and the crowd were brilliant…who says rock is dead?!! Bah humbug to them.

Show over and it’s back to the hotel where we mingled with works do party goers all off their heads – didn’t see many of them at breakfast ha ha. But Keith sat at the next table to Julian Clary who is playing Cinderela in panto…it’s a strange life we lead.

Newcastle here we come!


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