quireboys us tour poster final 600pxThe Quireboys continue to roll across North America as they celebrate their 30th anniversary in style.

And guitarist Paul Guerin is keeping RUSHONROCK readers in the loop with an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of life on the road with the UK rock n roll heroes.

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I’ve only ever made flight connections in Dallas so actually visiting the city and getting to play here was a real highlight for me.

I’ve read every book and watched every documentary about the JFK assassination – I was 14-months-old when it happened so actually standing on the grassy knoll on Dealey Plaza looking up at the Texas school book depository building was quite surreal. There’s actually an ‘x’ on the road marking the actual spot where the fatal bullet hit him.

We went up to the sixth floor of the depository building which has been transformed into a museum. It was quite mind-blowing standing in the spot that Lee Harvey Oswald took those shots. The museum was very interesting and even though I’ve seen the footage a million times it was quite upsetting watching it in the place that it all took place.

Trees is a very cool club situated on Elm Street which is a VERY cool street – lots of bars, restaurants and tattoo parlors. LA Guns had already sound checked and left by the time we rolled up with four bands due to play.

The plan was that we would use LA Guns’ backline but we were informed that that wasn’t gonna happen so we had no gear! Not to worry as soon as the word went out everyone was so helpful offering their equipment.

Backline sorted, 30-second line check and we were ready.

We only had 45 minutes but we used them well. The band was on fire as was the crowd. Great fun…loved it!

LA Guns put on a good show and Spike jumped up for a number. Another great night was had by all.


* The Quireboys’ new album Black Eyed Sons is out now!

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